Katherine's Story

I’m a longtime resident of Southern Metropolitan. Standing up for people and planet.

As a former planning and environment lawyer and reform advocate, I’m passionate about making meaningful, long-term change for our area, and implementing climate-focused solutions.

As a Greens councillor for the city of Port Phillip since 2016, I know how important it is for our community and local environment to have strong representation in government. 

Climate action and care for people are at the center of a fair society. We need to protect our beautiful and fragile natural environments like the foreshore and parklands, enact our plans for 100% renewable energy, and ensure a just transition away from coal and gas.

I’ve been a long-term gambling reform advocate. We need to end gambling ads, blow up the pokies, and make gambling companies pay their fair share of tax.

I’m also an avid e-cyclist, and so know first-hand how important safe, accessible, climate-friendly transport options are, no matter how you choose to get around.

Climate action and care for people are at the center of a fair society.

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I'm passionate about fighting climate change and inequality

I also want to see more affordable housing and better rights for renters so everyone in the Southern Metropolitan Region has a stable and comfortable place to call home, and strengthen our democracy through integrity reforms.

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