Katherine Copsey MP stands amongst a group of volunteers holding pamphlets and clipboards in a park. There is a public housing tower in the background.

Save public housing – Dorcas Street stall

Stop Labor’s demolition and privatisation of public housing

Last year, the Victorian Labor Government announced their plan to demolish all 44 public housing towers and displace over 10,000 residents. They want to sell off the land to developers for mostly private housing. Labor’s plan will force people out of their homes and tear communities apart. Selling off public land will only make the housing crisis worse.

The Greens want Labor to immediately stop this demolition and privatisation of public housing. We want to protect communities, maintain existing public housing, and build more.

Join us to talk to residents of Dorcas Street, South Melbourne about how we can stop the demolition together, grow the petition and link them in with support if required.

Training and materials provided. For more information, contact Kira Farrugia on Kira.Farrugia@parliament.vic.gov.au or 0429996671.

Save public housing – Dorcas Street stall


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