Accelerate Our EV Future

Electric vehicles should be more affordable. Electric vehicles are essential for the transition to 100% renewable energy and to reduce reliance on coal and gas.

Victoria has millions of old, polluting cars and trucks still on our roads. People want to make the switch to electric vehicles, but the Victorian Labor Government is not doing enough to support them.

The Greens’ plan will see Victoria become a world leader in the switch to cleaner electric vehicles, drastically cutting emissions, reducing air pollution and creating jobs.

The Greens’ plan includes:

  • Solar powered cars – subsidies for two-way chargers so that EV owners can power their car with rooftop solar and power their home with their car battery
  • Affordable electric vehicles with an eco-bonus of up to $15,000 to help people make the switch from expensive, polluting cars to electric vehicles
  • Installing over 1000 more EV chargers so that you can charge your EV no matter where you live
  • No new petrol cars sales from 2030
  • Manufacturing 3,000 electric buses to create a network of high frequency electric bus routes across Melbourne and regional cities
  • A Jobs, Industry and Innovation Fund to support the development of new clean transport technology and develop our local manufacturing, repair and technology capabilities
  • Clean Air Zones to reduce air pollution and carbon emissions in the CBD and Inner West

Accelerate Our EV Future


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