Wildlife: adult koala in a tree with baby on back

End the war on wildlife

Victorians cherish our native animals. We want to see them protected.

But unfortunately, across Victoria, the Labor Government is quietly endorsing a war on our wildlife.

At a time when our wildlife is already under extreme pressure from climate change, catastrophic fires and drought, this government is making things worse.

  • Duck shooting is still legal in Victoria, despite record low numbers of water birds and drought devastating duck populations.
  • Plantation forestry is not being regulated properly, allowing hundreds of precious koalas to be bulldozed and to starve.
  • Funding for our National Parks, habitat to our threatened species, is at record lows.

This systematic lack of care for habitat and the creatures that live in our state is completely out of step with what Victorians expect from their government.

That’s why the Greens are urgently calling for a plan to protect and restore our threatened koalas, gliders, birds, trees and all other creatures, and their habitat.

Join the campaign and help us speak up for our voiceless wildlife and the places they call home.

End the war on wildlife

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