Stop Supermarket Price Gouging

Stop Supermarket Price Gouging

No one should have to struggle to afford food.

Supermarkets are ripping you off, and the Victorian Labor Government is doing nothing to stop them.  

While everyday Victorians struggle to feed themselves and their families, the supermarket duopoly – Coles and Woolworths – are making billions in profit. They’re growing their profit margins and making you pay more than you need to.   

The Greens are pushing the Labor Government to take on the supermarket duopoly to cut the cost of food for everyone. 

Thanks to you, we’ve already won a parliamentary inquiry into making food more affordable. As grocery prices continue to go through the roof, it’s time for the government to step in and take urgent action to stop the supermarket rip off. The Greens are amping up our campaign and are pushing for the government to regulate supermarkets to stop price gouging.

We know that community pressure works. Join us in calling on Labor to stop supermarket price gouging by regulating supermarkets. 

The Victorian Labor Government has the power to stop supermarkets from ripping you off, but right now they’re choosing not to use it. Instead they’re continuing to side with their rich corporate mates at the expense of everyday people. 

Let’s make sure the government knows we won’t stand for their inaction.

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Stop Supermarket Price Gouging


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